There has never been a dearth of assholes in our world, but I think this year has raised it to an extraordinary level of importance. The assholes are everywhere! They are the ones who still think the pandemic was a joke. Who are thrilled that we are losing our rights and freedoms as long as some bogus religious leader says so.

This is my fifth year of running this recognition day. Never has it been more relevant than now. I think it has exceeded itself because there are so many contenders. Maybe we should divide the group into categories such as friends and family, political, judicial and finally, corporate and conglomerate assholes. I think our national asshole level has risen to such extremes, we will have to set the bar below-ground to even start the nomination process.

Who can honestly name the biggest asshole when there are so many potential winners?

I have to thank my husband and his friends for bringing this important holiday to my attention. I have long felt that the morons, jerks, and assholes in our lives were not getting the recognition they deserve, so I’m glad to finally have a chance to set things right.

Often ignored and disrespected, this is a special day, dedicated to them all. The assholes we love, the ones we meet in the grocery store. The ones we worked with and for. And most especially, for those we elected to run the nations of the world.

To every asshole everywhere, regardless of profession,
this day is for you!

We have a whole Supreme Court to choose from. Or maybe they should be nominated in a a block. Don’t forget your local, non-famous assholes. World leaders get lots of recognition for their idiocy. They are hard to ignore. But, the true range of losers and assholes runs the gamut from close family members to world leaders, so please don’t neglect those who need this recognition even more than famous jerks.

If you voted for an asshole,
please feel free to add yourself to the list.

We worked for them and with them. We’ve lived with them. We are related to them. Asshole, this is your day. Enjoy!

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  1. I thought this was I’ve got one or two that need special mention…


  2. Love it! Great post


  3. Haha! I love how you’ve worded this post. 😜😛


  4. oops, ‘their’)


  5. it seems to be there day most every day unfortunately


  6. WHAT! Not again.., didn’t we get rid of them a while back??


  7. Lol. They definitely deserve a day all to themselves! I know many assholes too! xo


    • EVERYONE knows a lot of them. That’s the thing. Some are just ordinary jerks we ignore. Others rule empires. I don’t worry about our everyday assholes. It’s the world rules that worry me.


  8. Could there be a better day or a better year to honor all those assholes? Not that they need honoring since they are usually pretty big on self-honoring. Still, we do have an outstanding selection to choose from. It has so far be a really outstanding year in an assholish kind of way.

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