Spam Comment of the Week — Week 9 2023

I did what Fandango suggested and removed commenting on old posts. It didn’t remove spam, but it reduced it from hundreds a day to just a few. It has begun to rise again but only a little bit. This is a good one. The author seems to think I will publicize his blog. Not.


12-foot Teepee – Amazon

Holymoly that’s crazy man! Thank you so much
I really appreciate for this man. Can i give out my value to
change your life and if you want to have a checkout?

I will definitly share info about how to get connected to girls easily and quick I will be the one showing values
from now on.

First, the author is writing in some alphabet I do not recognize. I wants to give me value to change my life — so, I think, I can meet girls. Really?

Does this guy REALLY think I will distribute his website information? This is in response to a review on my book, which has absolutely nothing to do with anything in this “comment.” Do they really think we are that stupid? I really hope not!

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  1. When I’m starved for something funny I read my spam. This is a good example.


    • What I don’t understand is WHY they bother. Do they think anyone is going to take their advice? Try to buy something from these illiterate links? They are suffering from a serious case of too much time on their hands. Or is this their idea of a joke?

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  2. I don’t think these ‘people’ if they are people(????) even read the actual post or have any idea who is the person they are commenting on. And perhaps, English isn’t their language

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  3. So that was totally nonsensical. Good one to use as an illustration.


    • Sometimes they almost make sense. A lot of them come in a language (alphabet) I don’t recognize. And the rest are obviously pasted pieces of other posts, utterly disconnected and addressed to (usually) my book it being one of the few post that are older they can still access.

      But THIS one was really weird. Even weirder than usual.

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  4. I use akismet and it effectively blocks spam and stupid garbage comments. I rarely have to delete anything. The cost is low enough. I was constantly deleting spam before I got it.


  5. That’s a good one 🙂


  6. Yes I get very strange ones and I don’t know why we get so many or where they come from, but at least they go str5aight in the spam folder.


    • Usually they go in the spam folder, but Askimat can miss a lot — and has in the past. I never delete them without going through them. There’s always one that should not be there and often at least one in the “pending folder” that SHOULD be spam.

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  7. Bizarro. I get some pretty strange ones, more on my phone than website, likely because my site is small potatoes.


    • I got rid of my cable phone and MOST of the junk calls finally ended. They decided to charge me more for the phone and since the only reason I had it was to have a second phone, we got a second cell phone.

      I think if you post a lot, they will find you. Even if you aren’t a big deal. Those spammers never give up.

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  8. Happy cake day



  9. Lol. Marilyn that is so funny! They are idiots!


  10. He sounds like a trafficker or pimp or hawker of p***.


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