Hadley stone church - 1

In the middle of Amherst there stands a huge stone church with a red door on one side. 

Hadley stone church 2

December 30, 2013. The last pictures of the year!

Amherst stone church

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  1. Gotta love these pictures Marilyn. I like the way you managed to preserve some detail even in the shadows on the tree.


    • Thanks Bob. From you, that’s meaningful! Spot metering. I know there are other ways to do it, but I work the light meter. It was, however a difficult shooting situation … bright light, deep shadows … and cars wherever you needed them to NOT be 🙂


      • Expose for the highlights and adjust the rest in post processing. That rule never will let you down.


        • Usually that’s what I do. Sometimes, when there’s more dark than light, I split the difference putting the metering area half in shadow, half in sun. I suppose I could switch metering methods, but I feel better knowing what I’m measuring. With the other methods, I never really know. I’ve been using spot metering since my days of the Weston Master 5 handheld. Remember handheld meters? Hey, remember the “paper meter,” the slip of paper in the Kodak film box that told you which f-stop (for the particular film) would work under which conditions? It was pretty accurate. Funny about that. I think film was more forgiving than digital is and we could do a lot of stuff during development and processing. I don’t miss the darkroom, but sometimes I miss the cool stuff I could do using various papers and messing around with burning and dodging.


          • That was the 18% grey card that is a fixed standard for light meters. I don’t miss the darkroom as I practically lived in one for years.


            • I know. I always have to explain to newbies that when you read an area, the metering system sets that area to 18% gray (or whatever it interprets as such). It makes sense to me. Sometimes I miss those cards, though I never used them outside. For me, they were an in-studio thing. I don’t miss the darkroom. I remember a lot of hours on my feet amid smelly chemicals. But I did love some of the results.


  2. A very striking composition, very well done! Adrian


  3. Loved them! it looks like the shadow is trying to open the door.


  4. What haunting pictures! I like it a lot.


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