Brain Power – Let’s assume we do, in fact, use only 10% of our brain. If you could unlock the remaining 90%, what would you do with it?

If I had all that spare brain power, I would donate it to a fund. A brain pool from which people who have too little intellect can get enough extra stuff to have a normal (even exceptional) brain. Even though it might mean risking my future by giving away all my spare cells — cells that might fill the gap as I grow old and stupid.

But I’m a generous, giving kind of person. I see so many people running on too little gray matter. So please, have some of mine.

No thanks are required.


      • Watch the movie Chronicle (it’s one of my Favorites from 2012. I tried to access the link but now my computer is telling me my browser is not compatible so I din’t have time for that now. The movie is about 3 young guys that access most of their brainpower. I loved it. (not a happy ending) but a great thrill ride.


            • I must be missing something. It looks the same as always to me … unless you are having that weird problem where none of the links is working right. That’s seems to be going around amongst WordPress users.


              • WP has deleted my friends and now the new comment box keeps deleting my woods 1/2 way through. Maybe now I know why everyone uses that ★ like your comment button. I dislike it !


                    • We all ask ourselves this question. It would make sense if these were real improvements, but they aren’t. At best, they exchange functionality for a certain “look.” At worst, they exchange functionality for software bugs and degraded usability. They need a better development concept and some standards … like for beta testing, user testing. I often wonder if any of them road test the software before they just dump it on us.


  1. I wouldn’t want to place that burden on anyone. The 10% – if indeed it is that much – cause me enough trouble, just imagine what 9 times that would do… Doesn’t bear thinking about. Just as well, as that would surely overload my 10.


  2. Having functioned so far on 10% I believe I would follow your generous lead and donate my newly unlocked 90%. (OK, maybe I’d hang on to 5% for a total of 15%, perhaps then I’d understand new math.) Strange as it may sound, I think I would give my freed up cells to terrorists in an effort to have them realize they only hurt their cause by killing innocent folks.


  3. Sometimes too much brain is not so good. I just noticed that WP have lost their brain completely. I can do nothing. I wanted to upload a cat blog, and I cannot. All the little bits are missing from the template that I need and it is not my fault. They did a few “improvements” to the dashboard and now nothing is working. Oh, happy days. I think the WP people should perhaps go search for the 99% brain that they might have somewhere.

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    • This is one of the reasons I made my generous offer. Can you get back to the old dashboard? It came up a while ago, but I was assured I didn’t have to use and and I don’t. Maybe you don’t, either.


      • It is back again and I uploaded my stuff, but who knows how long it is here. My likes are not showing up as the brainless machine is loading all the time. I think they are laughing at us.


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