Cee’s Which Way Photo Challenge – August 17, 2016

All the roads are under construction. This is not an exaggeration. This is literally true. The only places not under construction are scheduled for construction shortly, or they are taking a break before the next phase begins. This is not only true here in the valley. It is true pretty much everywhere in North America where you get a real winter … from the east to the west coast and north into Canada.


Someone in the grocery store commented that the places not under construction have really terrible roads. Because winter destroys roads.




The ice, snow, plows. The deep frozen cold and the thaws in succession. The bridges crumble, paved surface heave in the frost. So. From whenever the ground emerges from the cover of snow until the first new snowfall, it’s construction season.


There are no other seasons. Just these two: winter and road work.

Cee which way photo challenge


  1. What I love is that they’ll tear up a major roadway, and take all summer to do it. Then 2 years later, they’ll tear up the same roadway. Or else they wait until school is about to start, and then tear up the road or sidewalk in front of the school. Happens every year.


  2. I don’t know how your Winters are, but ours are cold, icy and destructive to the roads. Here it is necessary to have the season for road repairs during the summer, unfortunately. It is the season for the tourists piling into Switzerland and increasing the traffic that is already enough. One of the reasons we are glad we not longer have to travel far, and if we do it is by train.


    • The problem here is that they have not been keeping up with necessary repairs, so now the roads are really bad. A lot of the bridges are also in poor condition, so they have a lot to do, limited funds to do it, and the time in which they CAN do it (summer) is short. The rails are also in need of major repairs.


  3. And of course, so far as our government is concerned, it is November. Their New Year’s Eve is September 30th, and all budgets MUST be purged of every last dime before October lest they risked being cut the following year. This is the main reason why road construction ramps up during the summer and usually reaches a fever pitch around this time. Cost efficiency has no place in a bureaucracy where no director wants to have their taxpayer funded budget slashed due to lack of need. Sometimes, you have to make up the need. It’s one of the few principles both sides of the political aisle can agree on…

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    • The fiscal year used to end in July. I guess that’s changed since I last paid attention. Regardless, since they “privatized” road repairs in Massachusetts, they spend easily twice as much money and get half as much for the money. The rest, I’m sure, goes into private pockets.


  4. Sorry, Marilyn, but I don’t buy your explanation of why this is currently road work season. It’s the same season here, you can’t go anywhere without seeing orange cones. But our winter is merely a drop in temperature. No snow. So what’s really going on? Can we get Garry out of retirement to do some investigative reporting?

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      • I can understand and appreciate that. ut there IS a heck of a lot of money being spent right now on roads in our area. I think it’s a plot. I just can’t figure out who or why! 🙂

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    • Maybe it’s tradition? I got a note from a follower in Siberia … and the roads are all chopped up there, too. Maybe it has to to with when the fiscal year runs out. They do really crappy work, too. They never do it right, so they always have to do it again.


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