It was the cry of Monty Python’s Knights of the Round Table in “Monty Python and the Holy Grail” . They didn’t have horses, but they had coconut shells they could use to make clopping hoof-like sounds.

“Run away, run away!” Ah, how many times has a strategic retreat saved my butt? These days, most of life seems to be in some level of retreat. It’s an admission that mind over matter only takes oneΒ so far. At a certain point, matter matters. And it matters more with each passing day.

I leave you with this:

May all your retreats be successful!


19 thoughts on “RUN AWAY, RUN AWAY!”

    1. A lot of us learned English idioms from watching movies, especially Monty Python. Before that, we had the radio show (BBC) — the Goon Show — which was hilarious. British movies have been very popular here as long as movies have been around. Your stars are our stars. Television has made us ever closer πŸ™‚


    1. I believe it. I felt lucky I could find the clip I wanted. often, I know what I want, but can’t find a clip that is clean enough to use. I have all the Python movies on DVD … new, remastered ones that have sound you can hear and a few of them have closed captions too (Garry needs them and sometimes, me too). They also have very cool extra material. There’s a whole little “home movie” about the making of ‘Holy Grail’ which is really good … made about 10 years ago by the surviving guys.

      Feel better. I sometimes think holidays cause illness. They definitely cause exhaustion.

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