I was reading Andy Borowitz’ column this morning. He’s the guy who writes those parody “news bulletins” for “The New Yorker.

I’m pretty sure he’s on DJT’s hit list. It’s an honorable place to be.  I would be terrified, yet honored to join him. Anyway, in this particular post, he posits that Yates (acting Attorney General, hangover from Obama administration) was really fired for having a copy of the Constitution on her computer. He believes owning or reading (or maybe, merely knowing it exists) the Constitution in this administration are grounds for immediate termination. Read it here: TRUMP FIRES ATTORNEY GENERAL AFTER COPY OF CONSTITUTION IS FOUND ON HER COMPUTER

I tweeted the link and commented that this smelled true to me. I mean, seriously, DC is a comic book world, right? DC is the seat of the U.S. Government, yet DC is also from whence Superman, Batman, and Green Arrow originated. Coincidence?

I think not!

This gave me pause for thought. Suddenly, it all came clear! DJT — Number 45 — is actually a bewigged DC super villain!

Yes, he is … (trumpets, drumroll … long pause) …


They smell the same, they think the same ... it's Lex Luthor and he's in charge! OMG!

They smell the same, they think the same … it’s Lex Luthor and he’s in charge! OMG!

He’s here and he’s got his finger on the button! Lex Luthor, the most insane, sadistic, crazoid ultra-super-villain in the DC universe. Superman’s bane. The baddest of the bad guys, the man whose goal has always been the total destruction of our world has made it to the top of the heap. He’s in the White House and he is set to destroy the world!

Reality? No? You can tell the difference? You sure? Because it makes a lot more sense (scents?) that we are now part of the DC world. The world as I understood it vanished a couple of months ago.

Remember the old “If it looks like a duck, smells like a duck, quacks like a duck, it’s probably a duck?” Well … THIS smells like Lex Luthor. He acts like Lex Luthor. I’m pretty sure if you pop a bad rug on Lex’s bald head, you’ll discover he also looks like Lex Luthor.

Ergo ipso, he IS Lex Luthor. Or Humpty Dumpty. Take your pick. I’m with Lex.

Superman, we need you! Come back, Superman! Come home and save us! You’re our last hope!


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  1. Where is superman when you need him.


  2. Jimmy Kimmel did it a week ago. He put a trump audio over a Lex Luther as president vs. Superman scene from the Superman comic book.


    • I’m not surprised. it’s a pretty obvious parallel. But … maybe it’s true. Alternate facts. It COULD be true, right? We’re in Colbert at the moment. Check the link tomorrow. What IS reality anyhow? Is there any such thing?


  3. Andy Borowitz creates the kind of fake news we all love, or wish was true 🙂


  4. If he IS lex Luthor, we’re in deep trouble .., but if he’s Humpty Dumpty all we need to do is keep “all the King’s men” away from him…


  5. Beautifully written piece of satire. Sad feature is that it does seem to hit home in so many ways!


  6. It’s so sad and he is not even my “president”. I do not even want to use that word for him. Please let it all be a bad dream that will soon end with an impeachment.


    • We all hope for the best while preparing for the worst. As long as we can laugh, we can stay sane. But reality is now so weird, it’s hard to figure out what’s real from what’s fake.


  7. Nice piece of satire. I wish, in an odd way, I hadn’t seen the line indicating that it WAS a satire piece. These guys have completely destroyed the constitution. It’d be nice to see them own up to it.



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