“Garry? Hello?”

“What?!” His voice is muffled, irritable, half asleep.

“Did you put the dogs out?”

The body in the bed makes annoyed face, groans, starts to get up.

“Forget it. I’ll do it.”

I do it. And I clean up the pee at the bottom of the stairs because the dogs hate rain. Snow? Sleet? Wind? They can deal with it, but heavy pelting rain? Nope. They take it personally and with significant hostility.

Shower and back to the bedroom. I need to dry my hair. I’m still peeved, but cleaner. There’s still no one to complain to, just the unmoving, unconscious husband.


More coffee. Definitely.

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  1. Whadda Ya mean you got no-one to complain to? You got US!!! 🙂

    The dogs are in ‘Garry’s’ house and Garry’s in the dog house. Fairs fair. 😉



  2. Let him sleep. I can identify.


  3. This is why I’m a dog person who has cats….


    • I think that’s why a lot of dog people have cats. We had both for years, but current circumstances are really too dangerous for them. The road is the big one, but the coyotes and raccoons are bad enough too. And the whole “break my house into little pieces” thing … that’s a whole other issue!


  4. oh I remember those days….

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  5. Like me Cindy seems to need to “go” more often now she is a senior dog. I wake when I hear her jump off the bed because I know that in a moment I’ll feel her cold nose touching me or my ear being licked. Get up, stagger down the passage to the back door, let her out. Decide I might as well “go” myself while I’m up.

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