We have a date in downtown Boston. The former Police Chief of Boston, New York, and L.A.  — William (Bill) Bratton — is speaking at the 60 State Street. That’s the really tall building on the edge of the Harbor in Boston. He should be an interesting speaker. He’s smart and he knows cities and crime and probably more than a little something about politics.

I’m pissy about it because, for the first time since who knows when, I had to put on make-up. Make-up? What’s that? 

I tried to go with pantyhose and nearly normal shoes until I realized I didn’t know when I’d bought the hose — or if they was any chance of them being my size. Or if I remembered how to put them on. I found thin socks and pulled on my “dressy” boots. They could be shinier, but they will have to do. Presumably no one will be staring at my feet.

I slid into a black dress I bought from L.L. Beane two years ago and never wore. Remarkably, it fits. Put on some jewelry. Perfume — a hint.

Then I extruded myself from the bedroom —  smelling yummy and looking not too bad, all things considered. The dogs jumped all over me.

Now I’m wearing black — which is not orange because I wore an orange dress yesterday and there was nothing black about it — with makeup and boots and plenty of dog hair. I yelled at them for jumping on me, which I’m sure confused them. Honestly, I’m a little confused myself and not averse to sharing the feeling. Besides, confusion won’t ruin their lives. Especially when followed by a biscuit.

They got biscuits. Now I get coffee. Then we are off to Boston — an hour and a half (if we are lucky) drive through some of America’s heaviest traffic — so we can park at the garage. For … are you ready? $42.

60 State Street, Boston

Forty-two dollars for a rubber chicken lunch. Drinks are no doubt free, but neither of us drink. Why did we agree to this? It seemed like a good idea at the time. Remind me I said this.

I’ll try to get back to you all when we get home. If we don’t get stuck in rush hour and end up coming home sometime tomorrow.

Author: Marilyn Armstrong

Writer, photography, blogger. Previously, technical writer. I am retired and delighted to be so. May I live long and write frequently.


  1. Sending prayers and good vibes for all to go well for you and Garry during this trip. I’m sure that you will be fine. It is chilly here in New York so be well and be warm. I Love your blog. Grace, Peace & Blessings.

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    1. We drove into Boston. We found the State Street Building. But it wasn’t ON State Street. It was on Lincoln Street and we need to be on the other one, the one right on the harbor. They guy in the parking garage couldn’t explain it either. He said “You know, it gets really complicated down there,” which is the oldest part of Boston.


  2. Oh how I feel for you, this could be me. Make-up? what’s that, did I used to wear that stuff? Shoes, you mean real shoes with leather and heels, not the sort with nice profiles on the soles to grip firmly. I am sure you look great and make the most of the parking space. Take some photos from the car to make the the dollars worth the trouble. And of course enjoy, I am sure you will. Think of the three lonely doggies longing for your return. And be careful not to trip in your shoes.

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    1. I should have know it was going to be trouble when Exit 23, our exit, didn’t exist. They’ve changed the roads again. We never found our destination. After a while, we drove home. We’re exhausted and we didn’t DO ANYTHING.


  3. Lunch with Bill Bratton — should be a very interesting time! He’s well spoken, and we miss him terribly in Los Angeles! As you said, he’s smart and he knows cities and crime and probably more than a little something about politics. Sorry it involves getting dressed up (I might even put on some lipstick for the day!) and a long, difficult drive, but do enjoy the luncheon!

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    1. Would have been nice. Sadly, we drove ALL the way into Boston. Got to the State Street Building which, as it turns out, wasn’t the right building and no one was sure how to explain getting there — that part of Boston is old and tricky. After a while, Garry said “Let’s go HOME.” I agreed. We went home, thus saving $42 in parking fees … and feeling like idiots. Then I realized how we got there LAST time. We stayed at a hotel. We called a taxi. HE took us there. To get back? We called another taxi. Voila. We’ve never found the building by road.


      1. Oh, no! I would really not like that after getting dressed up and driving that far! I hope the newspaper at least reports on the speech! Glad you saved the $42. — now spend it on something fun!

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        1. I think this is the first time we’ve driven quite that FAR without doing something in town. By the time we realized we weren’t even in the right part of town, we were tired and cranky. At least we didn’t pay for parking!


  4. There comes a point when breaking out of your comfort zone is just TOO much trouble. On the other hand, one often feels pleased with oneself when one does – later that is, when one’s forgotten all the aggravating bits. Anyway, hope you and Garry had a good night out…


    1. It WAS too much trouble because we drove in, got utterly lost, and then … we came home with one quick stop for gasoline (we were on empty) and a few veggies for dinner. That’s it. I’m not going to Boston anymore. Unless we can stay in a hotel and actually enjoy it.

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      1. Oh dear, I am sorry it was so dismal. I can definitely understand the getting lost. We found Boston hair-raising – trying to return the hire car across town in time to catch a plane!


  5. Hope you enjoy for all that. How (on the other hand) delightful you have somewhere to go and someone to schmooze with. It’s never too late and could be a highlight (after the driving) of course. I for one, look forward to hearing how the event went 🙂


  6. I laughed. Sorry! But the clothes and make-up part sounds like me. Then I tell myself to stop accepting invitations to things because it feels like such a hassle and we have to wear an uncomfortable bra too!
    At least you didn’t have to pay that astronomical parking fee! But time and gas is money!
    I bet it would have been an interesting event though, sorry you missed it.


            1. It’s done. We should know better. We just keep forgetting how far Boston is, how awful the traffic is, and how insanely expensive the parking is. NOT to mention how hard it is to get around in town.


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