For all those who served, a good remembering post. Thank you!

Cee and Chris

Dog tags.  For years they were always with me.  Day and night, dangling over my heart.  I don’t know what became of them once I took off my uniform for the last time.  I kept them for a while but they were lost somewhere, some time ago, in a move from here to there.  

Mine were from the Vietnam era, the 1960s and 70s.  We didn’t have the fancy silencers on ours that they have today, those little coverings around the edges that keep them quiet.  Ours did tend to clink together, easily giving away your position if you were trying to be stealthy.

They always give you two of them, you know.  One stays with your body and the other goes back for the identification record.

I’m mentioning all of this because in the United States, we are going to celebrate Memorial Day this weekend.  I know many…

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2 thoughts on “DOG TAG MEMORIES by CHRIS DONNER – for Memorial Day

  1. I was a combat aircraft maintainer, serving far from the shooting theater, sending others into harms way. I have good and technically challenging memories of fixing the navigation and communications systems installed on these aircraft. However, I can introduce you to many who recall only horror stories. They don’t talk much som I can’t begin to know what they feel.


    • The people who “talk” a lot about “what they did” often didn’t do much of anything. The ones who did are not, as far as I have seen, wanted to talk about anything other than the humor of training … but never the horrors of war.

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