RDP # 33: Serried

Well. Now here’s a word I’ve never used.

Never even heard it, actually. Nonetheless, it’s not a bad word for a group of flowers on a stem.

Rather like my orchids, for example. Oh, I haven’t talked about the orchids lately, but they are still blooming.

No new ones (no new buds), but looking remarkably hardy. Orchids are nothing if not sturdy flowers.

So, here are some serried orchids for your consideration.

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15 replies

  1. Your orchids are just beautiful! I have never heard the word either 🙂


  2. The orchids may be “serried,” but they’ll last for a month or more if they like you!


  3. I have read the word but it was one of those which was blurry in mind, so if someone demanded a definition I could have bumbled out something incorrect. Thanks for the reminder and lovely orchids.


  4. You’ve got the orchids, Marilyn.


  5. Never heard this word either, but it works with your flowers, quite nicely 🙂


  6. Very nice. Perhaps “mydangblog” writer could use your advice : ))

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