FOTD – October 20, 2018 – Maple Trees

Garry and I went down to the River Bend Farm along the Blackstone River. The trees were still green except for the maple trees, a giant pear tree, and some Virginia Creepers. Also at home, I found some brilliant sassafras leaves which turn an incredible shade of yellow gold.

Red creeper

A really big maple tree

Virginia creeper in yellow – See the red version, too

Yellow leaves in a big pear tree

Fallen leaves

Oak leaves

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12 replies

  1. There is nothing like color of a Maple in the fall. Yours is a real beauty. In full form


  2. Doubtless my best memories of my nearly two years in Canada are related to maples (and autumn)…. 😉


  3. I’ve never enjoyed Autumn more than this year, it’s been so beautiful, extended without torrential rain and high winds which whip the colour away so quickly. Love your pics. mmhmm


  4. Some lovely colour on that Maple tree.

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  5. You have wonderful autumn leaves for today. 😀


  6. That maple is so beautiful. There are some in Franklin, not far from here that are like that in autumn. I never get tired of them.


  7. Love your shots of the fallen leaves!

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