Last night, dinner was perfect. I cook dinner every night except for the few when we are away from home, order in, or actually go out to dinner. Not surprisingly, I spend a lot of time pondering what to cook.

When we lived in Boston, we ate out. A lot. There were so many good places to eat, too. A lot of our choices took us down to the wharf where they had some great places for fish and lobster and clams. A lot of them were shorts and sandals kinds of places and some of these rather rough little restaurants had the best seafood you could imagine.

Dinner, anyone?

Then came The Big Dig. Between the construction which seemed to have closed every street in Boston and turned the usually difficult traffic into a calamity, those restaurants disappeared. Some of them reopened in other places in the city. They kept the same name, but they weren’t the same restaurants. They got fancy. All the effort that had previously gone into creating great food now went into dining room decor.

We left Boston. Of the many things we never imagined we’d miss was food.

The Blackstone Valley has its wonders. A beautiful place … with such pathetic restaurants. It must be something about we the people. Food is drab. No spices. Anything stronger than salt is regarded with deep suspicion, so bland is the name of the game. When anyone asks what we’ve got in the way of dining, I say “white bread and brown gravy.” But that’s not fair. A few places also make really good hamburgers.

We stopped going out to dinner except for very special occasions. I’m pretty sure there were better restaurants some years back, but they closed down. So we eat at home and periodically, we develop an intense boredom with food. It isn’t lack of appetite, though we don’t eat as much as we used to. It’s more that I can’t think of one more way to make chicken that doesn’t seem drab.

My goal in home food preparation is to keep feeding us without boring us into starvation.

Last night, I made “breakfast for dinner.” We don’t eat breakfast. We have coffee. I have an English muffin too. Garry just drinks a lot of coffee. Sandwiches suffice for lunch. This week, we’ve had chili, one of my standards. Sweet-and-sour chicken. Baked salmon. Shrimp with onions and peppers over rice. And frozen pizza.

I had cheese, bacon, and eggs in the fridge. Time to do something with them.

I make bacon in the microwave. Do not judge me. I do not like cleaning grease off half the kitchen after frying bacon, so I have developed a way of cooking it in the microwave that skips most of the grease and still turns out a pretty good platter. Timing has been the major issue, but last night I got it perfect. For 8 slices of bacon, two layers of paper towels on a platter (make sure it is small enough to rotate). Another double layer of towels on top of the raw bacon. Cook at full power for five minutes. Let it sit for a minute or two. Turn it back on for another 2-1/2 minutes at full power. Perfect and not all wrinkly. Chewy, but not raw. Everything was still hot when it got to the plate —  a small miracle in its own right.

Even the cheese omelets were perfect. I was still congratulating myself on dinner as we were going to bed.

This was a little victory, but still, a victory and all mine. A simple dinner in which each piece was as close to perfect as it could make it. Easy to clean up after, too. If I have to spend an hour cleaning up the mess, I feel a lot less victorious.

It’s the small things, you know? Big things can be overwhelming. These days, in a time when there is far too much “big stuff” blowing in the wind, my world is complete if dinner is perfect. Small victories help keep the wheels of life rolling smoothly.

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23 replies

  1. Sometimes “simple” is the best.


  2. Thank God for microwaves. And peanut butter.


  3. You gotta celebrate the small victories! If it wasn’t for small victories i wouldn’t have ANY! 😉

    Have you tried chicken wrapped in bacon and done in the oven?? (Or does that count for 2 meals??) 🙂


  4. Breakfast is comfort food to me. I don’t often cook eggs for breakfast now, toast does fine most days but sometimes I cook eggs and bacon or sausages for dinner. I grill sausages rather than fry but might try your microwave method for bacon. I’m not a fan of cleaning up grease either.


  5. I cook dinner at lunch time. Since going to the store on my own now I am also choosing on my own. I am now getting better with the choices. I tend to cook ham and eggs rather than with bacon to reduce the fatty mess, usually in the evening now and again for tea. I also try to bring variety into mealtimes and have realised it is better not to ask the partner, just cook it, he always eats it.


    • I stopped asking too. Because generally, I know what I’m going to do anyway and all it does it make life more complicated. We sleep late, so your lunch is more like our dinner. Using the microwaves turns out pretty good bacon — without the mess. A lot of paper towels, though 🙂

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  6. I like having breakfast for dinner sometimes too, Marilyn, and I love omelettes.

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  7. My hubby and I feel the same about food here in Pittsburgh. We are from Florida, so we had all the fresh seafood we wanted. We don’t trust seafood up here. Ha!

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