Don’t look at me for dazzle. I left my dazzling days behind … probably about 10 years ago. I looked pretty good until I got sick and then surgery after surgery after surgery really took a lot of my dazzle away.

It also took my thin body away probably as a result of the medication following cancer (that’s what my oncologist says). It knocked my metabolism to zero.

But other things are dazzling nicely right now. Garry’s little surgery turned out to be nothing, just an aggravated sebaceous cyst and it should be gone forever, but if it should grow back, there’s no problem making it go away. Nothing to worry about.

Titmouse and Chickadee have a turn at the feeder

While all this is going on, the summer birds are returning. Many are dazzling — especially the Goldfinch who are in brilliant yellow right now and the Cardinals who are even more scarlet than before.

Great design on the Goldfinch’s wings!


The red finches are around too as well as are the purple finches. All the birds are molting, so they look like unmade beds.

I met a new bird this morning. Not a dazzler, but definitely a new kid on the block. He (or she) was sitting on the flat feeder. First I thought it was a dove, but it was not the right color and was smaller and slimmer, but with that dove’s head. When she/he stood on the edge of the feeder, I could see it wasn’t a Mourning Dove.

It turns out to be a “White-winged Dove” These doves began their journey in Texas and moved eastward into Florida. Since then, they have been edging up along the Atlantic Coast, one state at a time.  I guess they heard about my feeder!

Where’s the white wing?

They aren’t white, either. Not anywhere are they white. They are light to medium gray with darker gray wings. Pretty. Smaller than the bigger Mourning Doves.

White-winged Dove

That’s the dazzle du jour. It’s a rainy, chilly day, so I don’t think there’s going to be much dazzle going on, not counting the birds. I wish the big red birds would sit still for me! I see them, I pick up the camera, they are gone. Whoosh.

It’s a plot. They laugh about all through the woods.

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11 replies

  1. I guess the white winged dove should be the official bird of Greenland…


  2. Heh, heh, heh … they do look like unmade beds. 😀


  3. We live vicariously now. Must dazzle comes from others.


  4. But your birds continue to dazzle. Mine are now nesting and bringing up babies. The bird feeder is now in the cellar until next winter.


    • We are seeing birds I didn’t know ever lived around here. A couple of them — the White-winged Dove and the Brown-headed Cowbird are very recently to this region and both are migratory, so they will be gone soon. So is the Carolina Wren. Since we live in the woods, I’ve left the feeders out. Raising babies is a food-intensive period, so they get really hungry. I may take them down in June when the woods if full and alive so the birds remember how to feed themselves. I think some of them have forgotten.

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