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What a pity we don’t seem to be able to just tell the truth. This isn’t digging up dirt. Trump has dug up plenty of his own dirt. There’s no need for someone else to go digging.

His obvious lapses into either dementia or maybe mini-strokes is no minor issue. Ronald Reagan was suffering from Alzheimer’s and his wife, Nancy, ran the last years of his presidency. We didn’t find out until after he left office. Woodrow Wilson suffered a massive stroke and his wife ran the country for a couple of years.

This is not the first time this problem has arisen and both other times it was covered up. His mental health — or lack thereof — is terrifying. This man has the nuclear codes and a brain full of marshmallows. Do we want Melania running the country?


This, That, and the Other

Bill Maher has suggested that the Democrats need to fight as dirty as the Republicans do. The Dems are too nice, he says. They follow all the traditional rules of politics. The Republicans, on the other hand, lie and cheat and make their own rules. And they play by their own dirty rules.

So Maher and his Real Time with Bill Maher staff put together this commercial that they think the Dems should air. And you know what? I couldn’t agree more! It’s time for the Dems to start playing by their own rules too. Otherwise, America is fucked!

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  1. This post is really from Garry. I recognize his writing and on top of that, he rants about this a lot. He must have gotten one of those weird comment things that didn’t acknowledge my website. – Marilyn
    Fandango: The Dems need to get their act together. They need a political version of Patriots’ Coach, Bill Belichek. Seriously. Someone who knows how to WIN. BB uses the right strategy, the right plays and doesn’t suffer fools or players who don’t perform up to their abilities. “Tip” O’Neill was a Coach Bill. He called the plays for the Democratic Party and ran a tight ship while maintaining a civil relationship with “the other team”. Weak Nellies, Extremists and Ding Bats didn’t fare well under Tip’s party leadership. His slogan, “All Politics Are Local” resonated with those in the country who didn’t feel ignored in small hamlets or big cities. That was the Achilles heel in the ‘16 campaign of Hilliary Clinton. Her hubby, “Bubba”, had Tip’s instincts but Hillary didn’t want any part of Bill in her run for the White House. She let personal stuff interfere with politics. A huge no-no. The current crop of Democratic candidates need to be pared down quickly with a “Coach” supporting the person with the best chance of going head-to-head with Donzo like it was a WWE wrestling match. It IS a political wrestling match with lots of MUD. The Clock. Is ticking, Pilgrims.


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