SO GROWS THE ORCHID – Marilyn Armstrong


It’s fun watching the orchid unfold and seeing the other buds growing bigger. I’m hoping for a long bloom this time and I hope I have more time to take care of it and be able to bring it back again.

Meanwhile, here is today’s orchid. It’s not fully open, but it’s getting close.

Close to the heart of the flower

Medium shot showing buds

I have learned that all the very dark colored orchids are dyed. So when you buy a red or dark blue or purple flower, when (if) it blooms again, the next time it will be its natural color which typically is a dark center with white, sometimes veined, petals.

With or without dye, it’s still a lovely flower

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  1. Beautiful orchids I admire them and strangely today I was in a nursery and they were selling heaps of orchids, not something I was aware was so popular down in my valley in Tasmania. I admire them but have never wanted one. I was so interested to learn that they dye them as a plant. wow, how confusing if you are buying them. Yours are lovely and the photographs and light fantastic. May all your buds flower so beautifully.


  2. It’s a very complicated structure and that’s what makes it so beautiful.


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