In every relationship, there comes a moment when you stop holding your stomach in.  You realize you don’t need makeup unless you’re going out. A tee-shirt and sweat pants are fine. You can let go and just be YOU.

Remember how that felt? What a relief!


The day you give up trying to remodel family and friends is like that. One day, you have this huge revelation. Other people aren’t projects! You can’t fix them. Moreover, they don’t want to be fixed. They don’t think they are broken.

Talk about relief. Phew.

The world keeps spinning. Turns out, we never had any control over anyone but ourselves — and not much control over ourselves, either.

Welcome to live and let live.

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  1. What a relief too…


  2. My stomach refuses to be held in. The nice thing about it is that it has been the same for the past 50 years, since the first baby bump and I have got used to it and don’t notice it any more and neither do the people I know (unless they are being polite 🙂 )


  3. Even more satisfying when we took off the girdles!!!


    • Oh lord how I hated them! My mother thought it wasn’t womanly to NOT wear one, but that was where I drew the line.


      • I wore the ones that descended half way down your thigh. My friend’s boyfriend asked her what that line was on Judy’s showed beneath my summer long pants..the expansion where it ended. Such a shame, that torture during the main time in my life when I really didn’t need one. i wore a midriff cincher as well. Ridiculous.


        • My mother thought it was better to not be “flopping around.” But I was 16, 17 and until after Owen was born, no flopping. It was torture.


          • My mother had nothing to do with my squeezing myself in. With two older sisters and skinnier friends, I just thought it was what to do. I remember the older girls taking me down in the auditorium during gym class and ripping open my gym outfit to see if I had a girdle on under it. I didn’t.. but realize the reason they thought I did was because I had a perfectly flat stomach even without a girdle! Mean girls even back then.


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