One of the things I have been learning to do is take more pictures faster. I have a tendency to focus and try to find perfection, the result of which is often not getting the picture at all. Now, I get the bird (or squirrel) in the viewer, I shoot. My camera is fast which helps. If I keep shooting, there will be something, even if I don’t see it as I shoot.

The thing is, I’m shooting through a French door, which is made up of panels. Small panels, so while I’m quickly shooting, I often get the pieces of the window along the edges of the frame. I’m learning to live with the limitations.

Those darker edges create an abstract background that I’m learning to work with rather than fighting with it.

If you keep waiting for perfect pictures, you’ll never find one. Also, these windows are east-facing so until well  past noon, the sun is coming directly in through the doors, a problem I can’t yet fix. I’m wondering if there is a filter that would help, but it’s difficult because the sun is right in my eyes.


When the trees fill with leaves, I think it will create shade. And the woods is full of leaves or more to the point, leaf buds — and pollen.


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  1. I wonder if summer will ever come?


  2. Now I have those, Marilyn. Even adopted one that fell out of the nest–the one Morrie brought in in his mouth. We kept it alive for a week. Even made a little nest and had the parents coming to feed it, but alas.. it is buried in the stone fountain we made into a planter.


    • At least the ones we see can fly, though some of them look kind of pathetic. Our Raccoons are gone, too. I don’t know whether they’ve found better eats elsewhere or were killed by foxes or coyotes. I prefer to think they’ve found better food.

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