WATER WATER – Marilyn Armstrong


The Blackstone is 47 miles long and drops sharply throughout it’s descent from the hill in Worcester to Nantucket Bay. It twists and turns so that if you live in the Valley, you are never more than a quarter of a mile from the Blackstone or one of its tributaries.
There are about 47 dams and waterfalls that were used to power mills and factories. A few have been removed, but most are still standing.

Manchaug dam on the Blackstone

The Mumford in the middle of town

Photo: Garry Armstrong

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5 replies

  1. It’s lovely there, you’re so lucky.


  2. They are all beautiful and decorate the countryside. I would love to live near them.


    • I’ve never lived near water before. It really is lovely. Well, not recently since we haven’t been anywhere, but I think if we time it right, we can get to the rivers without putting ourselves at risk. I need some outdoor time!


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