TIME OUT? IS IT PERMANENT? – Marilyn Armstrong

Fandango’s Provocative Question #74

From Fandango:

Most states in the U.S. are loosening restrictions put in place three months ago in order to “flatten the curve” and to slow the spread of the coronavirus. Many countries around the world are doing the same thing. Yet new cases of the virus are continuing to climb.

So, my provocative question to you this week is this:

I haven’t been anywhere off our property — except the hospital in 3 months and as far as I can tell, it’s going to stay more or less the same. We weren’t very sociable before COVID, so the restrictions haven’t been terribly restrictive for us. I would like to see some friends alive and in person and I keep hoping that we may yet see them.

Regardless, life won’t change a lot. We’ll continue to be careful until there’s some kind of substantial protection available.

I would like to go somewhere other than a doctor’s office, but I don’t see our lives changing much.

Author: Marilyn Armstrong

Opinionated writer with hopes for a better future for all plus a big helping of cynicism.

22 thoughts on “TIME OUT? IS IT PERMANENT? – Marilyn Armstrong”

  1. Same for me, save I did go to the grocery store at least a couple times a month. I have no big plans to go out and mingle, and I think that’s best. Stay safe Marilyn and I hope they do find some sort of preventive measure real soon.


        1. Leslie, I DO have fear there is MORE to this. Just trying to enjoy summer now that the good weather is finally here. I’m not enjoying the weather as normal because there is NO normal. Just nice to see the sun and feel the mild temps. Thanks, Mother Nature.

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  2. Hi Marilyn and Taswegian, The only permanent timeout I am certain of is the big one… until then we simply act like old people and move slowly and cautiously into all our endeavors because we might just fall down or trip down the stairs or be impaled by a shopping cart. Until then, masks when out – weakening – and not getting too cozy with anyone…. sad part is few visitors, telephones calls about nothing much and too much CNN…. although my miniscule gardens receive wonderful attention… I am driving myself bonkers. If Trump goes and so does coronavirus, I am giving up worrying so much. Have a great day,

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    1. Worrying really does seem pointless. The things that are driving us crazy aren’t things we have the power to change at least not as individuals. And the thing is, we always worry about the WRONG things. Whatever I’ve been worrying about, what happens will be something it never occurred to me to worry about so it’s in any case, a complete waste of time. Let’s go got the beach. Oh wait, never mind.

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    2. Hi, Nat we are acting naturally — like OLD PEOPLE. No problemo. The senioritis aches and pains play a rhapsody in blue in our bodies.

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      1. Is that what I keep hearing… I thought it was a funeral dirge beckoning during minor hip surgery yesterday morning… no pain drugs except novocaine… will say it never hurt, then or now… just little stings and pain just went away… perhaps pain receptors died, or maybe that was what Trump was talking about when he said that about Covid-19. Been out in yard ALL DAY PUTTERING WITH PLANTS AND BUSHES AND FLOWERS. Stupid caps locks.

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        1. Nat, you have a green thumb, eh? Send some pics of your beauties.

          Marilyn is the garden Maveness here.

          Me? I like to watch.

          As for our aches & pains….mebbe we should sing “Drybones”.

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            1. I didn’t get them. I checked to make sure i hadn’t deleted them, but there was absolutely nothing with any attachments. Can you resend them? We’ve been having a lot of outages here. Apparently it’s happening all over the country, but it is driving me crazy. We’re on, we’re off, we are back on, etc., ad nauseum.


  3. For 3 months I did not leave the house except to walk the dog or pick up my mail from the local shop a couple of times a week. If I met people while I was out one of us would cross the road so we didn’t get too close to each other.
    Now we are lucky enough to be in a very different place. We’ve had no new cases for a month and things are becoming a bit easier. Not that we can afford to be complacent. We still have to observe good hand hygiene and social distancing. My sister visited last week, we went shopping and had lunch at a cafe and I felt quite comfortable doing that. Burnie is not a large city. I don’t think I would feel comfortable on crowded city streets or public transport just yet. Perhaps luckily for me my circumstances mean that I can’t easily go go anywhere so I remain safe in my little corner of Tasmania.

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      1. It’s not a big deal but for most Tasmanians but there is an Errol Flynn Society and there is an Errol Flynn Reserve near Battery Point to commemorate him. When we first moved to Tasmania there used to be a cafe in Hobart that was decorated with Errol Flynn memorabilia which was pretty cool but it changed hands and the new owners got rid of it.

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          1. It is a bit sad, there was a lot of controversy about naming the park after him too. We had a friend visit once who was a big fan and she wanted to see where he was born etc. We were sad that there wasn’t much about him to show her.

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