Hack, hack, choke, sneeze, gasp. Oh, hi there. Spring must be springing because, choke, wheeze, gasp — we can’t breathe! Or see because our eyes are full of whatever is in the air. Pollen. Dog hair. Dust. We have inhalers (not the good ones, the cheap ones) and eye drops.

This is a pollen tree otherwise known as a maple.

Don’t take this the wrong way. I’m glad winter is finally ending, but realizing that we are moving from freezing and living in terror of the next oil delivery, and trying to breathe and maybe, see. Pollen season more or less ends in June, but it picks back up again in mid-August. Still, at least when you live in a place that has winter, you get a few months off. People who live in the south never get a break, so I suppose we can at least thank winter for the few months of relief.

Did I mention we use a lot of tissues? The constant runny noses which are part of the whole hacking and wheezing conundrum requires massive nose blowing before bed. And we have to keep the bed raised or we drown in our sleep.

So, choke, wheeze, sniffle. Happy April. Please, pass the tissues.


Are you more productive at night or in the morning? Do you think it’s possible to change and get used to another schedule?

I’ve never had to change my schedule for work, but Garry — because media doesn’t “do” schedules very well — was always off to work at some ungodly hour and usually didn’t have weekends or holidays off. He got the time back on vacation, but I was constantly rearranging my life so we’d at least get to see each other.

So the answers are:

I’m more active in the beginning of my day, but that might not be the morning. It depends on when I went to bed and if I stayed in bed in the morning to read. But I do almost all my writing at night. I have a midday lull during which time I do absolutely nothing.

You never really get used to a weird schedule. You deal with it, but your body usually voices strong objections to working all night and sleeping by day, though I know some people seem to handle it better than others. I wasn’t one of them and neither was Garry. That’s why he sleeps so much now. He has 50 years of erratic work hours and very little sleep to make up for which he is forever trying to make up.

What’s the biggest vehicle you’ve driven?  If you don’t drive, what’s the biggest vehicle you’ve ridden in? 

Nothing huge. I had a Chevy Blazer back when it was still a truck, but it wasn’t huge — except for it’s insane appetite for gasoline. Even when gas was cheap, that machine was a guzzler.

What songs would be played on a loop in hell?

Operatic solos by a screechy soprano.

What does it mean to be a person?  What constitutes “personhood?”

I really don’t know. I should know. I’m certainly old enough, but reality has gone kaput, so I don’t know anything anymore. Anyway, to be honest, I have no idea how personhood is different than humanity, how one is different than the other. I’m not even sure what “humanity” means either.


How were your spirits (mood) over the past week? 

Bummed out, thanks. Between the headaches, choking, coughing, nose running, spending all my money on a computer I didn’t want to buy and then trying to get Amazon and UPS to just leave the computer and not require a signature? Loads of fun, fun, fun!

On the other hand, I’m having a lot of fun drawing pictures of stuff now that my right hand is behaving like a real hand again. Win some, lose some.

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  1. aww marily feel better soon!
    what type of computer did you get? A windows or mac?
    I have both, but I rarely use my mac, I keep saying I’m going to practice with it.


    • Windows. I also have a mac. I keep it in the bedroom and use it very sparingly. It’s not powerful enough to do a lot of what i need, including Photoshop. It is a sweet machine, but mostly, I have it for when (if??) I travel. It’s very light. The new windows one I got is an LG, the first time in more than 15 years it isn’t a Dell or Dell-Alien. I didn’t have the money to pay for the brand name and I don’t think that Dell is nearly as good as they were before they became a subset of Microsoft.

      I’m setting up the machine tomorrow. Hopefully, it will be as good as it looks. Fingers crossed!


  2. Thank you Marilyn for Sharing Your World, despite allergies! I never had them before I moved in 2013 (well if I got around cats too much, or certain weeds in the Autumn) and I can’t say I’m very pleased to have them now. So my sincere sympathies, It truly does get draining (not an intention pun maybe…) on a person, and it gives me migraines. So not a fan! I’m glad you get respite from it during the winter. Climate change is very evident in Utah, and what constitutes “winter’ now used to be that brief period between our old winter season and Spring – roughly through March. We’re in a serious drought out west here. I’m sure you’ve heard the cries from Texas, which is apparently drying up and blowing away! I have tissues if you need some extra! Have a wonderful week and I was right there with you on the screechy soprano opera singer..I like some opera – Wagner is a bit heavy for my taste, but if they start that screechy stuff, I’d walk out on “The Marriage of Figaro” which is one of my favorites. Also that ‘person’ question was wide open to any and all interpretations, I had no agenda asking it (well maybe a teeny one that had nothing whatever to do with abortion). Watch for that blog post if I ever surface again and actually write something! 😄


    • I like operetta — Pinafore, Pirates of Penzance with all those wonderful witty words. I particularly enjoy being able to know what they are saying. Some of the lighter operas — Figaro is a good one. It’s really the screechy sopranos that I can’t stand.

      This winter was almost a real winter! We got some unusually warm patches, but we ALSO got some snow — and this was the first time in three years we had enough snow on the ground to be worth mentioning. But — it’s not nearly as cold as it should be. Most of winter is more like late November when it’s almost winter and early March, or as we call it, late winter. We had an almost 10 year drought. It wasn’t as intense as the one in the west, but it was bad enough that we were all beginning to worry about our wells and weather we’d have water. We don’t have “city water.” If it’s not in the well, there no water here — not in the toilets, sinks, or shower. No water, no home and insurance won’t even pay you.

      When it started to rain last spring and kept raining for more than two months, it was an incredible relieve. Our water levels — and we are the area that is the water source for most of western Massachusetts and northern Connecticut — were down by almost a foot and a half. Every year, the fish would die because the rivers dried up. There’s a reason we have so much bird life and that’s because we feed them AND we have actually woods here where they can live in reasonable harmony with the world. New England is very well treed. Who knows for how long? The developers are forever slobbering to get their hands on anything green and growing and turn it to asphalt and concrete.

      The allergies are REALLY bad this year. Part of that is climate change. Last year when suddenly, there was rain and more rain and even more rain, everything just grew including plants we’d never seen before. I think they are doing it again. The forsythias are flowering and I think we’ll have daffodils before the month is out. Poor Garry has the runny nose from Hell. I’m not far behind except the allergy pills work better on me than they do on him.

      What ARE we going to do about WordPress? We were just talking about it. $180/year is $15/month and then there’s another $20 for you URL address. $200? I’ll renew this year because it’s coming up very soon which will give me a year to ponder the future.

      I’ve been doing this a long time and nothing lasts forever. Garry said he began to feel like that at work toward the end. Every story he did was a rerun of another few hundred similar stories he’d already done. He could have pre-taped the news with notes to “insert current footage here.” I think they may already BE doing that. I don’t know if I really even WANT to try another venue, thought I might if it’s free or cheap. And there are always places to post photos. I don’t really need a blog for that. It’s the writing that needs a home, even though I don’t write as much as I did only because I feel like I’ve said everything I wanted to say at least twice and maybe more. I’m always surprised when I actually have an original idea.

      I didn’t mean this to be such an epic. Sorry to ramble on like this. You just caught me in a pondering mood.


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