Through trial and tribulation, it’s time for the latest, greatest Media War Story — the big ten! That means to count all the way to this episode, you’d have to use both hands and all your fingers. This assumes you have two hands and five fingers per hand. If, for example, you have six fingers per hand, or a reduced number on one hand, but perhaps a plethora of fingers on the other — or any combination that is out of the ordingary — well, recalculate. Do not use New Math.

I have the usual pictures of Garry engaged in podcasting, though I admit, they look remarkably similar to every other week. Same computer, same room, same Garry. Same mic, same headphones. Also, same photographer. In the name of just putting up a different picture, I’ve included one of Garry outside with his camera down by the Blackstone. At least it doesn’t look like every other picture I’ve posted.

No guest this week. It was a good time for Garry and Tom to reconnect.

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  1. I really enjoyed this one. Loved the Star Trek chat. They could have carried on with that for the whole half hour.
    The guests have had some good stories but it’s fun just to listen to Garry and Tom talking, you can imagine being in the room with them. I thought that they seemed very relaxed chatting away and less worried about trying to get all the stories told.
    I always watch the episodes on my TV so unless I go back to the YouTube site on my computer I can’t comment but I’ve liked every one of them.
    It is hard to come up with still photos that look different every week unless Garry falls off his chair or the Duke jumps up and knocks something over I don’t think there is much you can do about that. It doesn’t matter though.
    By the way I noticed that Episode #9 seemed to be published twice this week. I watched it Monday I think and then later in the week there it was again. Any idea why that happened? I’ve seen it happen with some blog posts too but I thought maybe that was intentional.


  2. very funny. I love the Star Trek talk


    • We are deep into Star Trek. Oddly, Garry love “second gen” which he saw (in its entirety) years ago. He just never got around to the original. Tom has ALWAYS been a Trekkie or whatever they call them these days. So was I, though I haven’t memorized every episode. Even if I had, by now I’d have forgotten them. If you haven’t listened to “Sterling Bronson, Space Engineer,” Tom produced that when he was a student and working at the Hofstra Radio Station while I was still working there. I wrote the original 13 episodes and someone else took over after that. It’s pretty funny and I think it really WAS the original Star Trek parody.

      If you click the link in the right sidebar for “A HALF HOUR RADIO SHOW,” I’m pretty sure the shows are there. They are audio only. LONG pre-podcast.

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