To say I’ve spent the better part of a lifetime chasing the light sounds philosophical. Perhaps, on some level, it is because I’ve done my share of looking for truth. Occasionally, I’ve even found a bit of it.

Yellow leaves by the river, photo: Marilyn Armstrong

More often, I’ve been chasing light with a camera, shooting up, up, up into the trees, looking for a perfect ray of sunshine filtering through a leafy canopy, waiting to become a perfect picture.

sun and misty woods

Sunlight in woods


Sun's rays on little canal

To get the rays of the sun, I don’t use a filter. I shoot into the sun, they move the camera a few degrees of center until I can see the rays in the viewfinder or on the LCD screen. You don’t need a special filter. I didn’t use filters on any of these pictures.

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17 replies

  1. When you get gorgeous shots like this SOOC (or at least sans filter), why would you go to the fuss of mucking about with unnecessary tools? Lovely post! Happy spring to you, Marilyn—may it be a season of renewal and refreshment in health as well as a pleasurable season in itself.


    • I’m such a klutz that by the time I would find a filter, the shot would be long gone. And since it turns out I don’t really need them (and with Photoshop, who really does any more?) …

      Spring would be nice but I think we’re going direct to summer 🙂


  2. I love the “in the woods” photos. I’m thinking about making one into my background on my computer, as a matter of fact. Can I do that?


  3. I really like these. I may have to do more tree photography. Love it. I don’t have any fancy filters either.


    • Fancy filters are a pain in the butt. Also, it takes time to find the right filter and put it on the camera, so I figure I’m better off using my eyes and the camera and lens’ inherent abilities to get the job done. Experimenting is fun. You get a lot of “ugh” shots … but you also get some “oh MY” pictures 🙂

      Trees are so omnipresent around here, I can hardly NOT shoot them. We live in and under them, so when I’m not feeling up to a jaunt elsewhere, I can shoot woodland from my back deck or backyard or driveway 🙂


  4. I’ve said it before, it’s beautiful stuff!! Reminds me of scenes from David Lean’s “Dr. Zhivago”.


  5. Beautiful Marilyn!


  6. Lovely pictures, Marilyn.


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