A Photo a Week Challenge: Public Transportation

Honest Abraham of Civil War fame, we ain’t got no public transportation in this town.

You have a choice:

1 – Feet
2 – Bicycle
3 – Car or truck
4 – Horse.

We have tracks, but lack trains

Most people don’t take their horses to town, but it has happened. It makes the horses nervous, though and carrying back the groceries is a bit clumsy. So mostly, it’s feet and car. We’re about 3-1/2 miles out of the village and we are definitely past hoofing it.

This is casket truck. Everyone needs a traveling casket, right?
Or maybe something smaller?

Public transportation isn’t part of the rural lifestyle. I hear rumors that, until the early 1960s, we had buses in Uxbridge! Imagine that! And the trains stopped too. I know this because we have a train station — now a real estate office — but once upon a time, it was a train for people.

Does a school bus count?
School bus, in town. I think you need to be attending a local school to get a lift!

Photo: Garry Armstrong

20 thoughts on “PHOTO A WEEK: PUBLIC TRANSPORTATION? Marilyn Armstrong”

      1. They could even run a mini taxis service. As far as safety, most people probably know each other so their shouldn’t be much concern for safety for the children.

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    1. Who would pay for them? And I believe the town does not feel we need it. They are wrong. Even if we just ran a minibus up an down “main street” from one end of town to the other, it would help a lot of people, including kids. Our town is long, but it isn’t wide. But they won’t.

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