It’s finally spring in New England. We can safely move the snow blower out of the garage and back into the shed for storage.

It’s warm enough to put plants out on the patio and not have to worry about a rogue frost killing them all. It’s also just the right temperature to sit on the deck, It’s not too cold and not too hot. And the bugs are not in full attack mode yet.

I can still hear the water rushing in the nearby stream. The heat of summer will dry up the water and silence the stream. The birds are also adding their voices to the outdoor symphony of spring. So it sounds as glorious out there as it looks.

The dogs love to join me outside. They lie down near me or wander around sniffing all the wonderful smells of nature in bloom.

We just built our patio about five years ago. Ironically, as beautiful and bucolic as it is, we have found that we are rarely out there. Except for Tom, who grills there almost every night we’re at home. The problem is that once boating season starts, we spend most nice days on the boat. We also do most of our entertaining at the marina as well.

So there are two small windows for me to enjoy this lovely setting. Early spring and late fall, when we are not always on the boat.

I think maybe this summer I’ll make sure to spend some more time out in my little oasis in the woods. The marina is relaxing and beautiful, but so is my own backyard. After all, there’s no place like home!

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  1. I was out back today and enjoying the flowers, realizing that the guy who dug up our backyard during the last snow really wrecked it … and the chimney is falling down. We just got the front of the house fixed day before yesterday … and now … the chimney. I suspect we’ll have to get it cemented rather than re-bricked. Unless the insurance decides to cover it (was it the storms or did it just get old?) … it’s going to cost. Bigly.


  2. Your patio look very inviting Ellin.


  3. It’s great to see the yellow orb on consecutive days with temps SLOWLY climbing up. Soon it’ll be boat weather. YAY.
    Beware of bugs, bugs, bugs. Bad hombres!


    • Bugs are the reason that I don’t go outside much in the summer. The deck on our boat is fully enclosed! And we still get these tiny noseeum bugs at night that drive us crazy! We’ve tried every product on the market and nothing really works, except the stuff you have to spray on yourself. That keeps them from biting but you still have to deal with them buzzing around you. Uggh!


      • I really HATE bugs and I’m afraid of them, too. Since getting bitten, Garry has a much more wary attitude towards them than he used to. Hey, guess what? Our chimney started falling down today. I found bricks on the front walk. Called insurance. Sure do hope they consider this storm damage!


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