The Kerfuffle About Covfefe

First, let me speculate on the old word “covfefe.” Although over the months there has been much speculation about what the originally intended word might have been (if indeed an actual word was intended at all) — “coverage” came up as a possibility. Personally, I’ve always felt “kerfuffle” was the target word.

I believe “covfefe” was supposed to mean “kerfuffle” but Our Leader can’t spell and also has not learned how to use Google to find a missed spelling. So he just throws stuff into Twitter without regard for the language. He has no regard for the constitution, so what’s another English word or three?

Kerfuffle is not easy to spell and since he can’t spell even simple words, he certainly can’t spell that one. It means “a commotion or fuss, especially one caused by conflicting views.” Kind of where the world is at. Truth be known, try writing “kerfuffle” on your phone and watch auto-correct go wacko.

Our leader, Lord Pit-of-Evil, believes he is a legend. 

If he is a legend, it is from a collective nightmare of our nation. For those of us who had nightmares concerning “the state of the state,” this is the guy we were sure we could never have to govern us because we have laws. Rules.

Our constitution has always survived the assholes. I feel obliged to remind everyone that he is not the first or only asshole to make it to the top of our political ladder. There have been others. More than one. If there were social media when Andrew Jackson was president, it would have been pretty much like this. Or worse. He personally slaughtered entire Native tribes. Unabashedly, with vigor and verve. And you don’t even want to know about his personal life.

I have saved this favorite bit of cartooning from the New Yorker for today. It is exactly how I feel.

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  1. Oh ja…. I think you might be right! THIS makes far more sense than anything else I’ve heard as possible explanation!


  2. I will only fall into despair if our country falls into disrepair!


    • It’s already in disrepair. One of the things that really worries me is that it IS in such physical and judicial disrepair. We need to make some significant investments or we aren’t going to be a “first world” country very long. If we still are, that is. I am so glad I’m old. I never thought I’d say that.


  3. I’m still reeling after waking up this morning to find that he considers Europe a foe. Does he know what a foe is? Are you going to war with Europe now?

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  4. After careful consideration I am certain that Kerfuffle was the intended word. Of course, there could be negative coffee, because there are a lot of bitter things brewing at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.

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  5. Sweetie that waste of brain space black hole for a mind doesn’t even know “kerfluffle” exists. He’s never gotten beyond “See Spot Run.” Two or three word letters are his apparent limit, and if he has to use bigger words? He makes ’em up. And he IS a legend. In HIS OWN MIND obviously. Wow. I’m so glad I avoid being informed.

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    • My father was also a legend in his own mind. I don’t think Trump is nearly as stupid as we like to believe. I think he’s demented and mentally ill, but not stupid. He does a lot of shit to keep us guessing. He isn’t educated. He can’t speak the language — although once upon a time, he COULD, which is why I think there’s a huge dollop of dementia in there.

      He isn’t stupid. He IS evil.

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      • Amen to that. And to think, all this time, some religious folk have thought the Devil (Satan, Lucifer, what have you) had horns and a tail…. turns out he has bad hair and a fake tan. Who knew? 😛

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        • Actually, there have been a lot of books written about Lucifer as all kinds of basically sleazy guys. CS Lewis (who also wrote the Narnia books) wrote a 3-part science fiction series where the devil was a nasty, nagging guy who just wouldn’t go away. I’m a bit of a devotee of this kind of book — portrayals of the devil in various kinds of literature. Many of us may be unsure about where to find God, but the other one has his paw prints all over this world.

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      • But overall, he’s a narcissist and so are his supporters!


  6. It isn’t very often, nowadays, that I can laugh about our national nightmare. But you made me laugh. I will NOT fall into despair. I will do what I can and a bit more. Without the despair and with a little laughter.

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