RDP#80-RETICENT – ME? – Marilyn Armstrong


Ever since WordPress decided to abandon helping us, we’ve been scrambling to find ways to reach out. It’s harder and more complicated. There are too many choices with small audiences compared to the more global reach WordPress had. It’s to be expected, but it is not making our blogging lives better.

I’ve been trying to keep up.

Photo: Garry Armstrong

I can’t if I want to any other life at all. I have no time for anything. I try to fit my own thoughts into prompts by other people and it works sometimes, but often not. I have always followed Cee’s prompts, and Nancy Merrill and Paula for photographs. But I can’t keep up with all the writing prompts. Firstly, because I don’t have that many different things to say. And there’s a lot of stuff going on around here.

Garry’s getting fitted for his new super-gear. We have company. We are also buying a newer car (not new). Our Jeep is 6-years old and wasn’t new when we got it, so we are moving “up” from a 2012 Jeep to a 2015 Jeep Renegade in a color my son says is “Orange Crush” (it’s a “Jeep” color), assuming the financing comes through.

When WordPress dropped its support for customers, it made a royal mess of things. They are also messing with the software. I have a lot of trouble with photographs now and can’t make mosaics (most of the time). Overall, they dropped us on our heads.

I resent the way they have behaved. Kowtowing to their “assumption” that we can just “get it together” without any support is poor business and just plain wrong.

I wanted to keep up with everyone, but I can’t. I can’t write so many original pieces daily and I don’t want to. Three pieces, two late at night and one geared to a prompt in the morning is pretty much my level. When I try to push beyond it, it becomes a job with me as the mean boss.

I will write what I can when I can. When I miss your prompt, it isn’t because I don’t care. It’s because I have other stuff I need or want to do. There has to be time to do stuff I want to do, not only what I feel I need to do.

Life has intruded on blogging. Winter will come and I will have more “at home” time as the snow closes in. But for now, I need to pull back and breathe. If I get fewer views, life will go on.

I will try to comment when I have time to read, but finding time for reading, as well as writing and photography is more than I can currently handle. I am sorry. I’ve done my best, but it’s not enough.

FOWC with Fandango — Kowtow

Author: Marilyn Armstrong

Opinionated writer with hopes for a better future for all plus a big helping of cynicism.

46 thoughts on “RDP#80-RETICENT – ME? – Marilyn Armstrong”

  1. GETTING HARDER AND HARDER TO BLOG HERE, ISN’T IT? I’m STILL waiting for answers to where my first two years of blog posts went…? Are they going to lop off another year from my archives next year???>


  2. Blogging’s meant to be an enjoyable and enriching part of our lives. If instead it’s becoming stressful, maybe it’s time to give it up! But I agree, there are so many good blogs out there, it’s hard to know when to stop reading ….


  3. }}}}}}}HUGS{{{{{{{{ I feel guilty when I drop the prompts and don’t get to them. One reason I usually do a compilation post and call it all good. You have a great full plate right now. In time the portions will shrink, the hubby will get better and better, the guests will go home. You’ll be able to breathe. Until then? Do what you can, but not more than you can handle. We’ll be here waiting. Take care sweetie.


  4. I have never been able to write a post a day, well maybe I could if I really put my mind to it but I prefer to just write when I have something to say or photos to share. The reading and commenting takes up a bit of time but I enjoy doing that and although I don’t get around everyone I follow every day I try to drop in on a regular basis. I think we are all in the same boat so let’s not beat ourselves up for not always keeping to schedules and deadlines. I have been feeling a bit guilty myself for not posting a picture on a few recent Sundays. When I’m not getting out with my camera and nothing grabs me from my archives I just feel I have nothing to offer and don’t want to post any old thing for the sake of putting a post up. With the resources they probably have I don’t see why WordPress had to drop all their prompts and photo challenges but I guess they did not see any way to profit from keeping on with it. Anyway I feel like most of the regular readers here are on the same page and nobody is going to feel you have failed them if you post a bit less Marilyn, not that we don’t all love reading what you have to say.


  5. I realized I didn’t want to write a blog every day any more. 🙂 But all I ever did with the daily prompt was write what I wanted and find a place for their world. But if the prompt is “dogs” I’m stuck. ❤ 😀


  6. I am filling in some spaces with James Bond starting next Sunday. It is another series that was spread out over the years that will now run close together, with some updates as needed.


  7. So you DID get around to including my prompt in this post. 👏Thanks. I’ve recently been combining 3-5 daily prompts into single, short posts when I can knit together multiple prompt words into some sort of coherent story. But even though I’m one who publishes a daily word prompt, I’d give it up in an instant if WordPress would resurrect its Daily Prompt.

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  8. Which is why I say no to most prompts, and why I keep trying to make WP blogs and wander away wondering why it doesn’t work this time, either. I thought it was me. Apparently it’s not, and I cannot tell you how relieving that is.

    In a way it’s like learning to drive a little automatic car, and one day someone says, hey, you really need to get your act together and learn to drive stick, and maybe get something fancier. And Im left in the middle of a parking lot with a car I can’t even run, wondering how I got there and wishing I were back home with Aunty Em and Toto…


    1. I guess you missed when they stopped publishing ALL their prompts, photographic and everything else. We’ve all been scrambling to find an alternative. Sure, we can create our own, but none of them have the “whole WP reach” of theirs, so many of us have been left with greatly reduced views, though we are all trying hard. But it’s a lot of trying and I’m beginning to think it’s not worth the amount of work involved.

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  9. I’m having the same problem trying to keep up with other bloggers (having set myself pretty modest targets for actual posts), and figure that’s ok. I appreciate your visits and comments, but don’t expect you to drop by every day. If we were neighbours in the physical world, I’d hate that actually (and would probably be ducking behind a couch pretending to be out after a few days). I’m sure many people in the community feel similarly (though possibly without the introvert’s need to hide). 🙂

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      1. I suspect a lot of us feel the same. I love the blogging community and miss engagement with you all when I’m absent, but also worry that if I over-post, it’s just putting pressure on people to respond. And I hate pressure and deadlines too 🙂

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  10. When I noticed the new development in the prompt world, I realised that answering 2-3 prompts daily was no way. I have a real life to lead also and so I settled for one of them and am quite happy. I have no problem otherwise with WordPress. Some even combine three different prompt words in one prompt. The older I get the slower I become, but that is the honor of being a golden oldie. I want to enjoy what I do. My working days are over,

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    1. Pat, that’s what I said. But this is so addictive. I promised myself I’d only spend an hour reading and commenting. 3 hours later, I am still at it.

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