Cee’s Black & White Photo Challenge: Open Topic

Ah, I so very wanted the chance to just show off my new favorite black and white pictures.

Garlic hanging in the barn
The corn wagon
Clouds at sunset
Rockers stored in the barn

12 thoughts on “CEE’S BLACK & WHITE CHALLENGE – FREE! – Marilyn Armstrong”

  1. I also converted newer photos for this challenge and it is a pleasure to be able to have a free choice. You could take the photos with more talent for black and white. I did not realise that you also had goats in your area, such stupid and lovely animals. also the details of the chairs and the garlic were a very good choice.
    It seems that we are now only left with the fun challenge and the black and white from CEE. although a couple of people have decided to continue them. I do not know if I will be participating. There are many new prompts now and I have discovered that I prefer to keep my photos for my own writing, so I will probably only be doing the two CEE challenges during the week for photos.


    1. Fot now, as long as I have the right pictures, I’ll follow, but there’s too many prompts and I don’t want to try to keep up. Too much like a relay race for my taste and I find I don’t have time to write my OWN material in my own way. Also, the combining of so many prompts defeats the point of a prompt with was a single focus on a word or idea. So I don’t know. And frankly, this is too much of a rat-race for me. So I’ll drop out one at a time, or do only what appeals to me on a given day. But trying to combine them all seems more like a puzzle than a prompt.

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      1. You summed up the whole case very well. The combined prompt answers I find just plain silly. I am now only taking part in what I want to and have dropped most of the old CEE challenges, it is just not the same.


    1. These were all “made for black & white” so to speak, so they worked. A lot of choices for black and white aren’t really the right pictures. I don’t know when it all got so specific, but it was more fun when we had more choices. This was GREAT.

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