RDP Saturday – BIRD

Birds on the beach, birds on the pond. Swimming on the surface, flying on the wind. Singing on a twig.

Quietly afloat down the river – Photo: Garry Armstrong
Gathering on the pond
Seeking some shellfish along the shore ….
Our own red finch

28 thoughts on “RDP SATURDAY – BIRDS IN FLIGHT AND AFLOAT – Marilyn Armstrong”

        1. AThe problem with shooting at sunrise is that you really get murdered by the mosquitoes. There’s no one else around to bite, after all. Once other people show up on the shore, they attack everyone with equal fervor, but for that first hour, OMG that’s a lot of frenzied mosquitoes — and NO amount of bug juice keeps them away!

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    1. Our little red finch. We have them everywhere now. They come from the southwest but were popular as cage birds for a while. When caging wild birds was made illegal, the shop owners just let the birds fly away and they are nesting everywhere in the country now. Pretty little things, too.

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  1. Love the photos, especially the last one the way the red on the bird and the red on the branches echo each other both in color and topping whites and grays


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