WHAT IS INTUITION? – Marilyn Armstrong

Weekly Word Prompt – Intuition

Intuition – the sure knowledge that even though your husband swears he cleaned the bathroom, it isn’t clean. Bet on it. How can a man who is so personally fastidious be oblivious to the dirt all around him? Is this a guy thing? Some weird part of the male psyche?

I’m not an especially dedicated house cleaner. I’m one of the “good enough for company” school of cleaning. Vacuum the dog hair and clumps of dust. Wash the kitchen floors. Vacuum the dust wherever you see it and every once in a while, go nuts and actually dust a few things. Not everything. I’m physically not up to a full top to bottom cleaning anymore.

I used to put on a round of “Credence Clearwater Revival” and push my way through a 9-room house in about 2-1/2 hours. Now, that same amount of time I can do the living room, hallway, and kitchen. It takes a lot longer to do the same stuff I used to do without even thinking about it.

Intuition is also knowing how much I can do without exhausting myself and winding up sick.

Let me return to the beginning of this and talk about the nature of my kind intuition. It isn’t a “gut feeling” that “comes out of nowhere.” That “gut feeling” is an accumulation of a million bits of information you’ve collected over your years of life. The older you get, the more intuitive you become because you’ve collected more and more information. You may not even realize you’ve collected it.

I often say that I listen but more importantly, I listen to what is not said. What people fail to say is often the most important part of the conversation. Silences are louder than shouting, sadder than falling tears.

When I used to do horoscopes, if I was reading in the presence of the person who was paying me, I got hundreds of “tells.” The widening of an eye, a tic of the cheek. A tightening of a hand. A jittery foot. In the end, I always preferred to do initial readings without meeting the person. Because those tells can throw you off as much as put you on a trail. They can mean something related but very different than you think.

Sometimes people would start a reading asking me to “guess” or “intuit” their sun sign.

“Why?” I asked them. “Why use all that energy when I can just ask you? You know, there’s a lot more to astrology than your sun sign. Depending on how the orbs are arranged, other things may be much more important in your life than where the sun is placed.

No one ever believed me. Too many astrology columns in the newspapers of the world.

I know a lot about people, often from brief conversations. I am particularly amused by “anonymous” bloggers who think no one knows anything about them. I don’t know how much money you have, but I know a ton of other stuff. How? The words you use. The subjects you pick to write about. The flow of your words. The authors you love or hate. The places you visited.

Do I know your name and address? No, but I’m sure I could find out. The Internet is good that way. You can dig out data about anyone and anything. I don’t because it isn’t critical to me. I don’t need to know if you choose to not offer the information. Anyone who chooses anonymity will not be a real friend because anonymity screams one thing loud and clear: “DON’T GET TOO CLOSE!”

Gotcha. I observe borders. I hear what you are saying,  what you won’t say, wish you could say. Are afraid to say.


It’s everything I’ve read, seen, done, experienced. Live, loved. The more you live, the more intuition you gain.

20 thoughts on “WHAT IS INTUITION? – Marilyn Armstrong

  1. Marilyn, What a very interesting response to the prompt.

    I think many of us are intuitive but often choose to ignore what the voices in our heads tell us because it goes against what we want to hear.

    I blog as me, my own photo and my real name. There’s no mystery about me, I’m an open book , very little is hidden I am what I am.

    Hidden identities, attempting to hide the person behind the mask. I agree with you Marilyn, each person who does this has a reason. Sometimes the reasons are not as sinister as we might imagine, in others they probably are. We just have decide for ourselves whether to accept the friendship or pass on it.

    We don’t know who anyone is, not really, even with a photograph. It’s so easy to have multiple sites, multiple e-mail addresses , multiple names and multiple personas. All these people need is a good memory to remember who they are supposed to be at any given time.


  2. Recently a close friend and his girlfriend split up. Nothing she did surprised me. He called, long sad phone calls, wanting to know what he should do and what she was going to do. I would say, “You’ll hear from her. Just wait.” “How do you know?” he’d ask, followed by “When?”

    I said, “I’m old. I taught more than 10,000 students and worked with hundreds of people. I think I learned a thing or two about human nature. I don’t know when. When she’s figured out her life.”

    Of course he heard from her. She told him she was trying to figure out her life and needed time to do it. It’s just not that complicated, what we do. It’s pretty finite. My sun sign is Capricorn with Sagitarrius rising and the moon in Aquarius. I think. Lots of stuff is in Scorpio (like my brother ha ha)


  3. It IS easy to discover someone’s vital information if one wants to. There’s dozens of websites just for that. I liked the illusion that I was anonymous, for some of the reasons that Fandango gave — if real life people read my blog, they wouldn’t know it was ‘me’ and I wouldn’t have to spend a lot of time and energy on explanations of what I might really think about something. Especially when my thoughts and my have to live in it world don’t jive. Small towns are judgy. But one day I woke up and thought “that is stupid. Hiding out and being afraid someone will read and take offense. So what if they DO? ” My therapist tells me it’s a hallmark that I’m healing (finally) and am actually becoming mature. Scary. I promised myself some time back that I wasn’t going to live a lie any more, by which I mean keep blending in with ideas of what other people thought I should be and which I knew (inside) I was not. They’d get the real bare faced me and either accept or not accept. Not my monkeys, not my circus. And I read a quote recently that I really liked (forget who said it) “It’s none of one’s business what other people think of them.” True words.

    Not to say that being ‘out there’ (like sharing my real picture or my first name) means I’m suddenly an idiot and am going to let down every guard I’ve built up over these past five decades. That ain’t happening.

    I still wish you did horoscopes. I’d have you read for me. But we’ve never met IRL and are unlikely too. Some friendships do better that way, don’t you think? I hope I’m one of your on-line friends, because I consider you one of mine. Take care sweetie.


    • That was basically my thought. At this point in my life, what am I hiding and why bother? I try not to insult anyone and I try not to get too much into other people’s private business, but I took down all my “no trespassing” signs a long time ago. What a relief it was!


    • You ARE a friend. If you didn’t live in Utah, we’d probably have great coffee chats — around noon. Not a morning person. I’d get less blogging done, too!

      I don’t do horoscopes or card readings anymore. There are a lot of reasons, but mostly because at a certain point they began to kind of creep me out. I knew more than I wanted to know about things I felt I should not know.


  4. Marilyn, you don’t cease to amaze me – now you do horoscopes too?! Or did….. same difference. I agree with much of what you say and I have learned a lot in ‘listening to the unsaid’ – it also disstabilizes often the person who is speaking and because they can’t stand a silence, tell you far more than they meant to say. But as I’m not a judge and just want to – more or less – live in relative peace and bliss (I know that’s asking a blxxxing lot these days) I use my time rather for having my own thoughts than searching out what everybody thinks around me. But as a good listener and having acquired a reasonably good intuition I am also able to ‘sort out’ the pretentious ones from the ‘real ones’.
    I go along with Fandango on the point of staying rather ‘unbeknown’ in the wide web. I have some ‘closer friends’ with whom I exchange at one point or other private data (as you know 😉 ) and I have thanks to these sites made some long-lasting and continuing friendships, including visiting each other from as far as Canada, North America, and most European countries I ‘deal’ with. In Switzerland I found two dear friends I meet regularly – friends I would never have made without (in these particul cases) Flickr.


    • I wish I could go visiting, but we have no money for traveling. Each year makes it less likely we will go anywhere. Lucky for us we did a fair bit of traveling in the past. I actually do know the real identities of most people I’ve grown to like, so at least I know if something goes wrong, I have some way to track them down and find out what happened. Many of us are past our prime and I worry about all of us, especially those who live alone.

      The great thing about blogging is that you don’t have to “tell all.” You just tell the interesting parts and leave out the rest 🙂

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  5. “Anyone who chooses anonymity will not be a real friend because anonymity screams one thing loud and clear: ‘DON’T GET TOO CLOSE!’”

    Hmm. Is that what I’m saying? Actually, I choose anonymity for my blog for two reasons. First, I’ve already had my identity stolen twice and I don’t want to have it stolen again. Maybe I’m just fooling myself by thinking blogging anonymously makes me safe. I mean there can’t be that many liberal septuagenarians living in San Francisco, right? I suppose someone probably could, if they really wanted to, figure out my real world identity, but I don’t know why anyone would bother.

    The other reason I blog anonymously is because I can freely and openly express opinions on my blog that some of my real world friends, extended family, and acquaintances might take exception to. In fact, when I was still working, I never revealed to my coworkers or clients that I had a blog because many of them were, well, let’s just say that they wouldnt have appreciated my liberal, atheist perspectives.

    Of course, my wife and kids are aware that I am the author of my blog, but few outside of a very small circle know Fandango’s real identity. And I intend to keep it that way. So maybe you’re right, Marilyn. Maybe it is that I don’t want people to get too close.

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    • It’s not an evil thing, but it does yell “Don’t get close.” Whatever your reasons are, they are perfectly good reasons. It’s also easier to slip out of blogging and no one can reach you unless they’ve paid to find you. A lot of my anonymous friends vanished one day. Friends? No, not really. When you leave no trail for someone to follow, you just can’t be that cozy.

      I don’t actually think your name or no name means anything on the internet. If someone wants to find you, they will. Why would anyone bother to hack US? We have no money, no savings, and everything is mortgaged. The answer is our name came up in Facebook’s sale of our names and addresses to the Russians and they took that data and sold it to anyone who had a few bucks to buy it. There WAS no reason other than money. It’s absurdly cheap to buy data and if you are ON Facebook at all, they do know who you are. Also on Twitter. They ALL know who you are and anytime they feel like selling your data, they can and probably will. I got pretty mauled by it, but short of giving up blogging — and THEN what would I do with myself? –there’s nothing much to be done about it.

      There IS no anonymity. Also, I discovered no one in my family ever bothered to read anything I wrote, so it turned out not to matter all that much. Also, I don’t write a lot of personal stuff about other people. It’s mostly about me, so it would be pretty hard to object. But you have your fences up and I respect that. Many of us have been abandoned by people on the Internet we thought were friends, so maybe it’s easier to keep a safe distance.

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  6. I never thought of housework being intuition, but now I know why my I am never satisfied when someone else does it, except for my cleaning lady. She is only employed for the bathroom, shower and kitchen and also has intuition for it. Horoscopes do not fit in with my doubting intuition

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    • There’s nothing religious about horoscopes and I actually have no idea why they work, but they do. Sometimes much too well. I think much has to do with the intuition of the reader. Not everything can be explained. I try to leave room in my brain for the inexplicable.

      I have a strong intuition where to find the dirt, but I think it may have to do with dog hair and woods dirt.

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