Look what that MELANIE B CEE gave me? What a sweetheart! That’s not a white elephant. That’s a saving grace!

From Melanie:

Okay, my gift recipients are … cough, cough … VICTIMS … cough, cough, cough …are the following: Marilyn (yeah I’m picking on you today). I hope you can use this.  I know I could! HEY SANTA?? You taking notes??!


A giant Christmas stocking full of cash is no white elephant!

Is there enough money to repoint the chimney? Replace the kitchen window? Maybe even replace ALL the windows!

Oh, thank you thank you thank you!

Since so many of the people with whom I am online friends, what I will give all of you is a year of health, free of fear. Where no one hates you, no one is cruel. Where you can do what you enjoy and feel free and happy while you do it! To all of you on this first evening of Chanukah … be full of joy!

This is a joyous time of year and I send you all kisses and hugs and every sort of good feelings. May your books sell, your dogs and cats be healthy, and all your remaining parts work almost like new!

And just to keep this fun, here are some portraits of the many animals on the Commons yesterday during the preparation for the parade. Goats, sheep, and Vicuna! And one photographer.

The prettiest goat!

He could come to our place and keep my weeds cut … or at least, chewed

A very attractive sheep

And some vicuna,, a little abstract to blur faces

And one last portrait … and a reminder that — AGAIN — we will be gone all day at the audiologist at the hospital because it’s Garry’s three -month audiological checkup. There are going to be a lot of tests and a lot of tune-ups of all the equipment.

Lots of domination games in the pen. Reminds me of home!

And yes, I WILL  bring a camera this time. If I don’t have time to visit your blog, please forgive me.

It’s just going to be that kind of month. Doctors, vets, and actually a few cool parties that are long drives from here, but we’re going to try to go anyway. At least they aren’t in Boston, so we might actually get there!


  1. Oooooh, will that stocking full of moolah be regifted? I’ve been a good boy…. er… reasonably good…. umm…. well, I didn’t kill anyone this year. That should count for something…


    • Well, you did slaughter Buster not once but many times. But since he keeps coming back — vampire?? — I guess that’s okay. I’ll send you half. Hell, if it shows up I’ll send everyone half. Maybe it’s one of those self-refilling magical socks where you can keep taking out the money, but you never run out?


  2. Glad that you had good reports from audiology!!! And wasn’t it a nice day for a change? Even my three year old granddaughter commented, “Nonni, for once the sun is out!”


    • I know. It went away for a few hours, but came back later. Colder tomorrow, though. I think winter has really arrived. But these days, who knows? I’ve been so busy I haven’t had time to go into the other room and pick up the already decorated tree and bring it into the living room. Gotta slow down. Just gotta.


  3. Well I was concerned about the size, but the color? Always welcomed! 😉 I’m glad you liked it. I personally thought it was PERFECT (now to be magical and turn it into REALITY). Best wishes to both of you and be careful on those roads. It might not look as icy as it does here, but I bet it’s done it’s share. 🙂

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    • Today is the warm and sunny day of the week. Tomorrow, back to an early sun, a midday cold front, and evening ice storm. But at least we have the long day at the doctor TODAY and not tomorrow. We can huddle down tomorrow. The problem is, it sounds like this time, the winter is here to stay.

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      • Huzzahs — for today’s mild temps. What a lovely surprise to go along with my 3 month audio evaluation of the cochlear implant. Nice day all around.

        The pic – of head-butting – goat and vicuna(?) merits old sports headline – “Thrilla from Manila”. Or “Rumble in the Jungle”.


    • I’ve decided it’s one of those magical stockings. No matter how much you take out, as long as it’s for a good cause, there will always be as much replaced. You know. Angels visiting? We watched “The Bishop’s Wife” last night, so I’m into angels this week.


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