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We’ve had some days of sunshine and that has helped my mood. It hasn’t changed the dynamics of the Coronavirus or its enormous impact on this area. Massachusetts is considered “New England” while New York is considered northern central east coast, but from New York through Massachusetts, the virus has hit harder and killed more people than anywhere else in the country.

There have been other hot sports, but these are the worst. By the time you move up to New Hampshire, Vermont, and Maine, there are very few cases. These mostly rural states have largely been spared. And I still have no idea how to get tested in Massachusetts. We have no drive-in testing sites, no messages from our medical plan, hospital, or doctors saying where to go or what to do. I actually don’t know anyone who has been tested, so we really have no idea who was sick and got better, or who hasn’t (yet) become ill but could.

That being said, our Rhododendron is blooming ferociously. When we chopped down the roses last year, the now free Rhododendron when wild.

Share Your World 5-19-2020

So, are we ready for question? Sure we are!


What’s something you really resent paying for?

Everything. I’ve lived long enough. I should be able to go out on a high note instead of counting pennies and trying to survive. Just saying.

 What was the most unsettling film you’ve seen?

I don’t watch unsettling films. If I get that “feeling” it’s turned instantly. Life is creepy enough. I do not need to add more.

Do you judge people?  

We all judge, but what I don’t do is tell people how I feel. For one thing, I may feel entirely different tomorrow or even later today. I may feel that way because I’m in a lousy mood or don’t feel well. Or I’m just feeling grumpy or tired. So I avoid passing it along. When I do decide to open up, it usually ends that relationship. I have to be pretty angry for a long time before I decide to “share.” It doesn’t happen often, maybe three or four times in my life. But all such closures were permanent.

Finish this sentence:  “Back in my day, we…”?

Smoked dope and never imagined it might ever really be legal. Now, it’s legal … but I can’t inhale. On the upside, we’re getting pretty good at edibles.


Please feel free to share an uplifting photo, thought or meme to show your own gratitude.   We can all use some good vibes!  

New birds, blooming flowers, and three days of warm sunshine. Be glad my heart!

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  1. “Resent paying for”? Air. Being charged to put air in my tires.
    ” unsettling film”? I accidentally went to Rosemary’s Baby, I thought it was a love story.
    “Judge people”? I try not to because what do we really know about another person? Not much.
    “Back in my day we” could buy a coffee for 15 cents and get unlimited refills for nothing.

    Gratitude: I’m grateful for existence – having beingness – consciousness. The gift that can never be repaid.


  2. They are gorgeous Marilyn, I want one of those…


    • They are standard Rhododendrons. You can probably get some in any nursery and they can also be ordered by mail. There are many gardening and seed catalogues online. I think they were the first things to GO online.

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  3. The rhododendrons are lovely. I’d like to start some here, I’m not sure if it’s too late to plant them this year though. If I could get to a nursery anyway.
    The lack of testing in your state is very worrying. When we had the outbreak of the virus up here they tested everyone who was a close contact of the patients and staff at the hospitals. No mean feat for a small state. Then they sent out mobile units to outlying towns and encouraged anyone who didn’t feel well or was displaying flu-like symptoms to get tested. Now that things have settled down a bit here the mobile units are going elsewhere around the state. They were in Geeveston last weekend and anyone who felt unwell was encouraged to go along there as well. The more people that get tested the safer it will be for everyone to start getting out and about again and the government is now making noises about wanting the economy restarted so it’s in everyone’s interest to get the testing done although the state governments are mostly responsible for it. I haven’t been myself because, a) I feel fine, b) I have not left Sisters Beach for two months and c) the travelling is so difficult. If I thought I needed it I would have called the Coronavirus hotline and I’m sure that something would have been worked out for me though. I guess this is where your PAYG health system just doesn’t work.


    • I finally talked my doctor into ordering tests for both of us. You have to be nearly dead before they will let you get tested, but officially we are the best state in the union for testing. You could have fooled me. I would just like to know if there is a future out there because I’m beginning to feel that maybe this is it and there won’t be a future except this house, forever. It’s not a good feeling and I need to dig my way out of it.

      As for the Rhhodies, you can order them too. There are dozens of seed and gardening catalogues online.

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      • I usually order my bulbs online but I do love going to garden centres and seeing all the plants myself. It’s always a bit of a treat when I can go to one.


        • Some of my happiest memories took place in nurseries, just looking for that perfect plant. All the nurseries are gone. They closed, one by one. Not enough customers. This area is shrinking.

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          • The best I can do usually is to visit the garden department of a hardware store but there are a few nurseries around here and when Naomi can visit again I expect we will go to one.


            • We had a lot of them, but once groceries and hardware stores started selling plants, the nurseries, who had to charge more because they really GREW they own plants (and the plants were always hardier, too) one by one closed up. There are others in towards Boston or out further, but not here or nearby.

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  4. Your flowers are gorgeous. I feel the same way about films.. and books. I’ve returned two runaway best sellers to Audible.. just got too dark. Can’t take it anymore.


    • I won’t even start books like that and these days, if it’s remotely deep or serious, it’s too much for me. i just can’t do it. Even a lot of sci fi is too intense these days.


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