Garry Armstrong on Martin Luther King


For my friends and followers who are fans of my husband, the Legend, here’s a link to his recent on-air piece this past Wednesday on New England Cable News.

Broadside, with Jim Braude, is a live half-hour news analysis and commentary show. The subject of the day was remembering Martin Luther King, discussing his memorial and the 50th anniversary of his “I have a dream” speech.

Garry was at the March On Washington and talked with Dr. King on that day and on other occasions. He shared some memories.

Here is a link to the taped segment if you’d like to see him “in action,” so to speak.

Good going Garry!

19 thoughts on “Garry Armstrong on Martin Luther King


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    • In the course of his career it is possible that Garry interviewed everyone from the Queen of England (yes, he did) to the Pope (yeah, him too), to Mother Theresa (uh huh) and everyone else. It is sometimes pretty funny because it’s not only the famous, but all those “man on the street interviews” and courtroom stories. Criminals, pols, cops, lawyers, judges. EVERYbody for 40 years 🙂


    • Garry and I were already friends by then. We’ve known each other a very long time. Forever, pretty much. I remember those days better than I remember more recent times.


  6. WHAT??!!! Garry was in MY area and didn’t come by the house??!! *sobs comically* Just teasing.

    Seriously, though, it was an impressive interview and it was fun to “meet” Garry online. And I agree with StoneyGirl — Garry should definitely write his memoirs. It would be fascinating.


    • Trust me when I tell you I’ve been trying to get him to start writing stuff down for more than 10 years. I’ve even offered to take dictaion. So far, no go. He wants to. But he doesn’t WANT to.


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  8. Oh wow, I had no idea that Garry had had the wonderful privilege of interviewing Dr. King. That must have been just an incredible moment in his life. He realllllllly needs to write of his incredible life experiences. He is a wealth of knowledge and would probably end up writing a top seller for sure. Awesome job on the show Garry. It truly is where you belong. Love you both. Now get “The Legend” to work on that book.


    • I think Garry interviewed just about everybody during his 31 years at channel 7. I mean that literally. Famous, local, he covered so many stories, important and minor and everything in between. Everybody knew him. Many still do.

      On Fri, Aug 30, 2013 at 11:45 AM, SERENDIPITY


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