This just tickled my fancies while confirming my long held belief that those little people are messing with me, hiding my stuff, and stealing my socks!


When we go to bed, they sneak in
and loll about on the chair cushions,
combing their coarse straight hair,
leaving traces we’ll brush off with the lint brush, blaming the cat.


They mine the refrigerator,
looking for wine spills or crumbs of cheese.


The more intrepid jump on the rubber pillow of the sink squirter,
starting a slow drip they can drink from like a water fall,


then make the long trek into the cave of my computer room,
their eyes on the precarious towers of books.
They give each other a hands-up
onto the power key of my computer,
then all jump in sync to turn it on.

Read the rest of the story: Fairies

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4 replies

  1. And they aren’t the only ones that have been active lately. I have missed so much in just a few days. Like seeing you playful!


  2. I think we have a few of those fairies here too.


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