SILENCE – WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge

Up in the mountains of Vermont, it is quiet in the morning. Not silent, usually. There are always birds and somewhere in the distance, the sound of farm machinery. But it is about as silent as our world gets in these times.


It’s another bright early morning.

A place from which to watch the world.



        1. Remarkable. I notice that Vermont has been using their backyard for photos of why you should vacation in and maybe move to Vermont. Vermont has actually been seeing rising population recently. For years, they were in a long decline — no work, you see. Now, they are seeing a lot of people going there to retire … and rich people who want the views … but leave in the winter for warmer lands.

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    1. The state of Vermont uses their backyard as an advertisement for the state of Vermont. It really IS that amazing. They have to pay higher taxes (this is not a joke) because of their view. It’s called a “View Tax.” If you have a magnificent view from your property, you pay more taxes in Vermont.

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  1. Beautiful photo’s Marilyn I love the red and blue chairs – if only republicans and democrats could sit that peacefully side by side! πŸ˜‰

    Not sure i like the idea of views for the rich though?


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