I’m not going to do it. I want to. I need a good whine. .

Because we all have days like this. The kind of day when by the end of it, you want to resign. Not from blogging, but from the humanity. I want to just throw it all in and hide. Permanently.

Whatever that means. 

Yet I know I will feel better, if not tomorrow, than very soon. At which point, all the whining will just be embarrassing.

Meanwhile, gotta tell ya — there are days when it totally doesn’t pay to get out of bed. Of course, those are exactly the days when you have no choice because there’s so much you need to do. Today is going to be nasty, too.

Today was the kind of day when it feels as if no matter what you do, someone is fighting you. Everything is a battle. Nothing goes smoothly. You get disconnected a dozen times. You’re on the phone forever and in the end, banging your head into the wall sounds like a healthy alternative to everything else you’ve done that day.

But, I am not resigning from humanity. For one thing, I’m not sure to whom I’d hand the resignation. For another, after resigning, what’s next? Can I become one of my dogs?

I guess I’ll hang around.

I’m not going to give you the details. Even thinking about writing it makes me want to scream.

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  1. Patience is a virtue. Sorry, I couldn’t help myself. I do find though that fortifying myself with patience before making those phone calls, helps.


    • Sometimes, patience isn’t enough. That you can never actually have a conversation with the same person twice is another issue. You are ALWAYS talking to a stranger. It gets really painful.


  2. How about a nap on that nice new mattress?


  3. Sending you a special cyber hug from my little place in humanity. Hope today’s a better one. ❤️💕🐾


    • Things go up and down. It’s the nature of life. It’s why there’s not a whole lot of point in going into it. Everyone has bad days. They come with the territory called “life.” As long as no one is dying or terribly sick, you can reasonably hope for a better tomorrow, sunny or not.


  4. oh dear, oh dear….. (that is, what the English might say, I guess! )
    Yes, we all have days like that, more than we’d care for. And sometimes we can only stand them by knowing that TOMORROW W.I.L.L. DEFINITELY BE BETTER…. Hope it hasn’t got to do with Garry’s state of health and care.
    We’re ‘fighting’ the council for 3 days now. We had some trees on the city’s ground falling over and hitting on our property, including busting glass sheets of our ‘conservatory/shed/glass house’…. Nobody bothers; nobody is available for any action or responsibility taking. All of France are on hols. We fear that the next wind will topple more trees over and they might break our electricity cables. THAT would be distastrous – and we won’t be here to do anything about it.
    Fandango is right: The sun is always out – but often hiding behind dark clouds. Be courageous; it WILL be alright


  5. 🎵The sun will come out tomorrow!🎶


  6. I also love to hug my bed. I have to force myself to leave it but there is always something to encourage me, even if it is only breakfast.


  7. I am sorry you are having a bad day. Life should not be so hard and complicated as it seems to be sometimes. I know you don’t like to focus on the negative but sometimes it’s hard not to. I hope that tomorrow will be a better day.


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